Thursday, October 29, 2009

Satan's Candy

 Pat Robertson is at it again, warning on his website that not only is Halloween an evil holiday, but you should avoid eating Red Hots(devilishly spicy!) and other Halloween candy because witches pray over them, apparently hoping your little balloon boy or Hanna Montana will be possessed after ingesting the stuff. These witches must be really powerful, if they were able to put a spell on the Mars and Nabisco factories, as well as all the other multinational corporations involved in making Halloween treats. This is the same guy who proclaimed Hurricane Katrina was God's punishment for the wicked behavior of Louisianans. Memo to the 700 club: The job of a legitimate Christian evangelist should be to bring people to Jesus and leading by the Savior's example.... You know: love, forgiveness, turning the other cheek..... Not by scaring people away from their Red Hots, or praying for the assassination of dictators. Here's a link to the 700 club's message:

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