Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Best of LA Radio People

  Thanks to laradio.com for their mention of me today, as they review some of the best talents in the local radio market. For my fans, good news is coming...stay tuned to _______(Oops! almost spilled the beans!)

Steve Kindred (former KFWB newsman) 
  • “Great off the cuff reporting and a huge improvement on the previous occupant of the PMD chair.”
  • “Steve excelled in every category for 21 years – traffic anchor, editor, field reporter, business anchor, and afternoon drive. He was president of the Radio-TV News Association for five years. He was there for coverage of the LA riots, Northridge earthquake, and trials from Rodney King to Robert Blake.”


  1. Steve,
    You deserve this kind of praise. Spill the beans already!
    -- A