Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Hate Mongers Not Welcome

Now that the election season is over, it's time to turn down the hate speech and start caring about our neighbors again. No matter who is the president-elect, we still have to live with our fellow men/women/alternative genders after the hate spin-masters head for a tropical  beach, waiting for their next chance to turn us against one another. Before you take the "I voted" sticker off your lapel, here are some things we all should do:

  1.  Tell your "friends" on social networks you will show kindness going forward. Unblock them and open  a conversation, as long as it's civil (no need to show them your cat or what you had for lunch.)
  2.  Get off as many political mailing lists as possible. We can't cleanse our minds of stinging and sometimes vulgar and unnecessary thoughts if they keep showing up on our timelines.
  3.   Reconnect with loved ones in the opposing party. invite them  over for coffee.   DON'T talk politics!   
  4.   Show up for at least one religious or charity event in the next ten days. Bring your wallet!
  5.   Write to the FCC and demand a new focus on the Fairness Doctrine. If they still believe that the broadcast airwaves belong to the people, start regulating content again. Otherwise, let the stations OWN the frequencies and do whatever they please. It's time to stop this charade where the FCC pretends to regulate but allows licensees to slant the news and run explicit sexual content at night.
  6.   Contact your congressperson and senators. Let them know you're watching them. All the focus has been on the presidential race. But it's congress that makes the laws, and is responsible for the gridlock that's crippling our government. Demand that they start doing their job, which requires both parties to sit down and iron out some compromises. People who say they hate congress usually like their local representative. TOO BAD! They ALL have to go if they're not getting anything accomplished. Don't let them play the blame game to cover for their own inaction.  
  7.   Be Kind!
  8.   Be Kind!    
  9.   Be Kind!
  10.   Be Kind-red!      

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